LAPTOP Repairs

Power Socket
We charge £79.00 (all inclusive)

One of the most common repairs we carry out is the re-connecting/re-soldering of broken power sockets / dc jacks. We can repair loose sockets, sockets with broken centre pins, even dc jacks that have completely snapped off. This covers any laptop make or model. Our normal turnaround for the repair of power sockets is approx 1-2 business days.

Display Repair
’’If you have a broken screen and they have quoted you an unrealistic price… We can help’’ Repairing a defective laptop screen is a skilled job that needs specialist attention. Whether your laptop screen is cracked and needs a replacement laptop screen, or your laptop screen is not functioning properly, we can offer a complete laptop screen repair service. We service all makes and models of laptops and can repair or replace, we offer a free laptop screen diagnostic to all our customers to make sure we provide the best possible – and cheapest – answer to their problem.

Repair price from £60.00 (all inclusive)

Keyboard Repair
Laptop Centre offers you a laptop keyboard replacement for just £19.99 labour charge.
We stock most of the makes and models of the laptop keyboards which are Original and branded, we also give you 3 Month standard warranty when you buy keyboard from us. You can buy direct from us, or you can send us your laptop and we will replace the keyboard for you in safe way.
DATA Recovery
From personal pictures to all important documents all data are located on hard drives that get damaged by many different reasons age, water, static or just internal malfunction.

Often data just getting lost because of bad part on disk (cluster) stop using disk immediately and we will recover and transfer to a brand new hard drive or other media of your choosing.
We use military grade recovery software and where other fail we will recover your valuables.

we pride ourselves on our NO FIX NO FEE! And NO CALLOUT CHARGE! Guaranteed service.
Electronice centre Ltd,

166-168 Cental road, Surrey, KT4 8HQ

Support : – 0208 61 60 66 3
Mon to Sat : 0208 61 60 66 3- Open 7 days week 9am – 8pm

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